Music Is Universal

What are the two things in the world that bring people of all races together and they actually have fun?


Go ahead I’ll wait…


Music and Food! Yep, think about it. Have you ever been to an even where you look around and you see a sea of people enjoying themselves like at a concert, community event, or even a reunion.


The food of course satisfies the body but the Music satisfies the soul. Music is definitely universal and is loved by all. There lots of genres in the music world today but along with that is lots of cross-over like R&B to Hip-Hop, Rock to Pop, Classical to Jazz, Country to Pop, etc.


Music is not only universal but therapeutic. It helps people relax, think, and even sleep. The vibe it brings has an uncontrollable effect if the individual listening allows it to do what it was intended to do such as to do a simple to two-step to the ever-so popular twerking (which I’m tired of seeing and don’t understand the hype).


Music also has another key aspect attached to it that contributes to its universality…Expression. It makes for a great conduit to individuals expressing themselves and letting go. Sometimes upbeat, other times dark, no matter what there is meaning that is spread from the feeling within the artist. From there it is designed for the world to hear.


So the next time you’re listening to music, think about about how it affecting you and then in that same moment, think of the thousands that feel just like you.


DJ Square Knot