Music for your wedding: Call a DJ

Remembering back to the old days when I’d attend weddings, the music was always provided by a band composed of as much as 12 pieces (number of instruments). They did mostly the ceremony and part of the reception. Then there was a Mobile DJ who’d come to play a few dance songs to turn up the crowd and before you knew it, the wedding would come to an end.

As the new Millennium rolled in, a shift in the utilization of DJ Services began to emerge. The DJ was hired to play the entire Reception with a band nowhere in sight. Having a DJ at the wedding not only afforded the utilization his or her skills of bringing the musical entertainment but also utilized for announcement (MC) duties.

It wasn’t long before the DJ was hired to provide the music for the ENTIRE wedding. By having the DJ perform all parts of the wedding, flexibility and customization were born, giving the couple a greater range of ides for what they desired music wise for their wedding. This was accomplished by the DJ meeting with the couple and doing a full walk-thru of the ceremony where they would select tracks according to their requirements and build a set of the specific tracks for each part of the ceremony thereby alleviating the need for a band.

Soon, another break-through in the Wedding DJ World took place. Now that the DJ was playing the entire wedding allowing the couple to customize their special day, DJs began offering additional services like uplighting (to create a color scheme with lights), fog (walking on a cloud) and even karaoke which have become and remain to the norm.

So if you find yourself on the path to matrimonial bliss and have reached the part on your checklist for music, think about hiring a DJ for your wedding. AND guess what? You have one right here! Give me a call at 919.536.9018 or book me at I’m confident you’ll enjoy our services and the premiere customer service.

I hope this was helpful and informative.

DJ Square Knot
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